settlement of GRANTS OF educational entities

PNP Tax & Accounts team specialises in settlement of grants of educational entities.

Our offer includes settlements carried out in a reliable and systematic manner. While keeping all-encompassing accounting books we may provide clients with all up-to-date and historical data concerning the way of spending grants and particular types of expenses.

We provide reporting services concerning settlement of grants to be presented to self-governmental authorities, pursuant to their requirements, including in ODPN system [the Non-Public Education Grants Control System].

Thanks to our co-operation with Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office, which specialises, among others, in educational law, we are always up-to-date with the latest changes in law and trainings.

We support educational entities in making crucial decisions.

Key areas:

  • analytic accounting which supports settlements of grants or record-keeping in the form of the Revenue & Expense Ledger in a detailed system of grants reporting
  • day-to-day settlement of grants
  • providing data required by SIO system [the Education Information System]
  • data feed to ODPN system from accounting point of view
  • drawing up annual settlement of grants

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